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Are you someone who wants to be that person that is so organised at work? 

Do you sit at your desk at work and dream of being “that organised” one at work? The one who never forgets a thing, has time for everything, always seems calm and collected, and holds it all together. Every single day. So many of us live in a state of panic, anxiousness, and personal torment that we might forget something, not do something we were meant to, or someone will remind us after the fact. If this sounds familiar then I want to show you how you can overcome this fear and sense of complete overwhelmed anxiousness, and how to  create the most amazing organise YOU, that everyone you interact with (at home, at work, on the run) absolutely loves being around because you come with a sense of calm and peace, because you’ve got this life waxed!


Do you wake up every morning and the first thought that pops into your space is, I don’t have enough time today to do all I need to do. You cannot seem to find real time to spend on thinking about your business, the new idea you have had while running around, and how you can make that work for you and the business. You just never to get to it. You dream of a run in the morning, but that is literally as far as you get, dreaming of it, never one step of that run. You start a to do list but often forget about that, and then when you look back on it when you find it in your bag a few days later, you see how much you haven’t done. You know without a shadow of a doubt that this way you have working right now is not working for you, in fact it is holding you back in so many ways, but where do you start, what do you do?


What impact has this had on your life, your job, your career? What would your life and your job look like if you were organised?? You do know that you are the one sabotaging yourself because you let your excuses get the better of you, and hold you back from being the most organised you at work. If you think that you are the one holding you back, and if you believe that you can actually shift this for yourself, then I would recommend one of my coaching programmes, where I can help you transform yourself at work.















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with Joy Garcia

An intense, special, personalised, incredible one-on-one coaching programme where you will see dramatic mindset shifts for yourself that you will not believe possible