One-on-One Coaching - The Joyful Company
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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching Programme with Joy 

Every month you & Joy will spend 2 face-to-face sessions getting deep into what is holding you back from your desires, and how you can work through them building you into that confident fearless leader you want to be.

LIVE weekly coaching session with Joy

via Zoom

Confidence & leadership based coaching session created by Joy for you & your needs

Plus send any thoughts, struggles, questions you have to Joy & she will spend time working through them at the end of each call.

Every Wednesday you will get a confidence tip video

posted into the Facebook Group

a confidence topic that I talk about just for you based on that month’s theme

YOU have access to a special discounted price to the Leading with Influence, from the Inside Out Workshop that I run every 6 weeks

just let me know if you keen and you’re in!

Every Thursday you will get a leadership tip video

posted into the Facebook Group

a leadership topic that I talk about just for you based on that month’s theme

that you will belong to

all for you to tap into, share with, ask questions of, connect with, & build each other up

a biweekly newsletter

blog posts

YouTube videos

and lots more

a monthly book review or two

lots of great reading to keep you building yourself from every angle