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Are you battling with self-doubt issues & need to make some serious mindset shifts to get your confidence back?

I am passionate about helping women like you to transform themselves into a bad ass confident and fearless woman that you know you can be.

Somehow somewhere along the way you lost it ~ and it is my mission to shape & influence women’s confidence around the world through mindset shifts in their self-confidence & self-love so that we can move their life and/or career path forward into the position and role they want & deserve, the one they dream about.

Don’t you agree that more often than not we doubt ourselves and our abilities so much so that we self-sabotage that beautiful vision of what we truly want to be and know we should be, because we have taken a real knock along the way.

We are so scared of failing, we cannot see our own true worth, and we pretty much never stand up for ourselves … because our confidence is almost non-existent.


But no matter where it is that you are, if you are struggling with anything that sounds familiar to this, I want to share with you the 4 incredibly powerful steps that will help you to build yourself up again & get back that unstoppable confidence we are all calling for so that you can be the best version of you that you can be.

I want to show you how you can overcome your fears and really work on increasing your self-worth so that you start to command the respect and worth that you deserve.

It is all possible if you believe in yourself, and you back you!


If you are currently battling with your confidence when it comes to your life, the business world, your career – then you should look at the coaching options available to you below.














 The Confidence Crew

An amazing community that you really want to be a part of ~ especially if you are wanting to build your confidence in any aspect of your life

Joy’s Fearless Leaders

A powerful coaching programme that is run via an online platform ~ specifically for those of you who want to take your leadership role to the next level, but something inside is holding you back

with Joy Garcia

An intense, special, personalised, incredible one-on-one coaching programme where you will see dramatic mindset shifts for yourself that you will not believe possible