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Do you think that you are not good enough – never really have been, and are not sure how you ever will be?

Do the inner voices in your head tell you minute by minute that you are not good enough and not worth it? Mine did, for a very many years. Do you spend most of your days fighting to be perfect so that someone will tell you that you have done well, you are so brilliant, and to follow that with giving you the recognition and even reward that you have been yearning for all of your life – to feel worth it?

Is your heart at constant loggerheads with your head about how you can be seen, considered and included:


  • Are you absolutely terrified by what you think others are saying, and thinking about you – in their heads and with others.
  • Do you spend most of your time convincing yourself to keep quiet so you can keep the peace, or because maybe your opinion will be different to theirs, and then you be will excluded even more than you think you are already?
  • Are you the last person you think about? No time for you, have others to please, and do things for …and I definitely don’t want to thought of as selfish if I put my needs first.


This thought pattern of not being good enough is such a destructive process because it only brings you down, further and further until you really see no self-worth at all. Yet you have so much to offer, that is why people ask you all the time. You are so liked, that is why you have so many friends.


How does that actually make you feel … a little uncomfortable? Well that is what I want for you – to be someone with confidence and a sparkle all over because they are sure of themselves. And they know that they are good enough! That they are worth it worth it worth it!


I want to help you to walk away from coaching with me feeling like you finally and truly believe in yourself. Worth it for you, you will be worth it for everyone else in your path. 














 The Confidence Crew

An amazing community that you really want to be a part of ~ especially if you are wanting to build your confidence in any aspect of your life

Joy’s Fearless Leaders

A powerful coaching programme that is run via an online platform ~ specifically for those of you who want to take your leadership role to the next level, but something inside is holding you back

with Joy Garcia

An intense, special, personalised, incredible one-on-one coaching programme where you will see dramatic mindset shifts for yourself that you will not believe possible