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Do you ever stand up for yourself in any aspect of your life – your opinions and thoughts, your needs? 

Do you struggle when it comes to standing up for you~ for your needs, your views, your thoughts, your opinions, and even your decisions? Do you find yourself wondering (pretty often) if anyone is in fact standing up for you? You know you don’t, but does anyone really? And do you make the conscious decision not to stand up for you because of several reasons:


  • You sometimes are baffled at the thought that someone else see’s potential or anything in you because you cannot see much you have to offer.
  • You are never sure how to accept a compliment, starting with your outfit, never mind anything to do with your brain, and possible ideas because you just do not believe it.
  • You most certainly never ever put yourself first, in anything – you would prefer to try your best to please everyone else in the situation so no one looks your way in a questionable manner.


To stand up for yourself would mean that you like who you are, and even back who you are … and think you have what it takes. And you not sure about that. You have a flutter of it somewhere deep down inside every now and again, but that is it, and it is way too scary to even unpack … so everyone else first, and stay out of the limelight, in fact stay out of any light!


How does that actually make you feel … what impact has this had on you so far?  What would life look like if you liked who you were, someone with confidence and a twinkle in their eye … totally sure of yourself. I want to help you to walk away from coaching with me actually feeling proud of who you are, and wanting to have you around. Believing that you have a voice, and it is one to be considered and heard. That you are 100% okay with putting yourself first once in a while, because you are so damn worth it. Worth it for you, you will be worth it for everyone else in your path.














 The Confidence Crew

An amazing community that you really want to be a part of ~ especially if you are wanting to build your confidence in any aspect of your life

Joy’s Fearless Leaders

A powerful coaching programme that is run via an online platform ~ specifically for those of you who want to take your leadership role to the next level, but something inside is holding you back

with Joy Garcia

An intense, special, personalised, incredible one-on-one coaching programme where you will see dramatic mindset shifts for yourself that you will not believe possible