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My 6 steps to making time for me, every single day

My 6 steps to making time for me, every single day

Do you find yourself sitting and thinking to yourself … I wish I had some time for me, for me to …. I hear it all the time … I don’t have time for me, I never get to be me and do things for me, I wish I could spend some time just thinking for me, about me, on me.

Spending time with you is actually more important than most things you do every day … yes, most things.

Note to self ~ make time for you first.

I know you all have so much going on, and so much to do, and all kinds of chores and stuff … but I cannot stress this enough … you have to have to make time for you. If you don’t you are doing yourself such a complete and utter disservice.  When we don’t do this, we slowly break ourselves down. We deplete our soul and our core inside that soon you feel like you have no purpose.  Our purpose is the thing that makes us happy inside, it is the passion point that we have. It is the thing that sets our soul on fire.  Don’t you want to set your soul on fire?

I thought what might help you is to show you the 6 things I do to make time for myself. I have a lot going on, and I work hard, and I still make time for me, each and every day.


Here we go …

  1. Early morning routine

I have a very set routine for my early mornings. And yes, I did say early. I am a morning person, but I don’t believe you cannot be. I wake up and head to the gym … and on the way I drink my hot water with lemon and Himalayan salt mix ~I pre-make it in my Swell bottle the night before so it is still lovely and warm, not to hot that I cannot drink it, but warm enough to have the right effect. I also spend the time driving in complete silence thinking about 3 things I want to achieve that day.

  1. Listening to books

I spend tons and tons of time on my Audible app, where I buy books I want to listen to and wow, do I listen. I listen at gym on the treadmill, I listen in my car travelling wherever I am going, I listen standing in queues or waiting anywhere … I listen as much as I can and what I love most is that I get to “read” again. I always loved to read and now I can make sure I am reading / listening and motivating myself all the time. I have a book club on my website which you can join if you like, can find it here.

  1. Skincare – am & pm

Another special time for me is my skin care routine. I have a very specific one for my morning and for my night, and I take my time to go through it. I want to make sure my skin I scared for so I can grow old as gracefully as possible. My skincare is set out and defined by the fabulous ladies at Metropolitian Cosmetics. I love the products and the regime they have set out for me.

  1. Gratitude journal

This is probably my most special time of the day. After I have been to gym I come home and write in my gratitude journal. I write down 3 things that I am grateful for on this specific day. Sometimes big things, sometime people, sometimes small things, sometimes real physical things, sometimes funny things … it really doesn’t matter, it is whatever I am grateful for. I love to start the day in a space of gratitude, because how can you have a bad day in any way, shape or form if you start off being thankful … and happy for what you have.

  1. Pampering

I love my pampering, and what is best is that they general have a ‘no cell phones’ space so you cannot be online, you have to just sit back, relax and enjoy being pampering. I never give up on this, I set out all my appointments for the year and stick to them.

  1. Diary and planning my day & tomorrow

I always make sure I plan my day, and Moleskine journals and diary are my BFF and I rely on them to hold all my tasks, meetings, details, ideas and everything. I start my day looking at the day ahead of me, and I end my day looking at tomorrow. Yes that means I consider and plan each day twice, but I plan tomorrow and then in-between that and starting my day I can think it all through properly and may need to change to make it more effective. And ensure I have time for me J


So there are my points for you, and that does not include the special time I spend with Andy and the munchkins.


Make time for you, it’s good for your soul.

Make time for you, it’s important for your happiness.

Make time for you, it helps with your confidence.


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Lots of love and time for you


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