I am such a control freak, to the point where it drives me crazy … - The Joyful Company
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I am such a control freak, to the point where it drives me crazy …

I am such a control freak, to the point where it drives me crazy …

I don’t know about anyone else but I absolutely have to be in control.

As much as I like things to go my way, without a doubt … but that is not what makes me so flippin crazy. What makes me crazy is when it doesn’t happen when I want it to.  Actually (and I promise you this) I am not so troubled if the plan must change, or my way is altered along the way … I don’t mind that.

What I do freak out about, and want to control to the split second, is when ‘my thing’ comes together and I can see it as done or accomplished.

I am not very good with accepting that things take time.

Things take time to ~ come together, come to fruition, come to an end ~ they take time, and today (literally today) I got it.

I have to let go of the timeline

I have to let time take it’s time to get where I want it to be


Yesterday I meet with a Client that I had coached all of last year. She had some real, beautiful goals for herself, her business, her life, and her relationship. We worked through the year and our time together came to an end, as she had come to quite a few rather large realisations and was ready to work on herself.

A year later she explained her current year to me like this:

Working with you is like going on a holiday … you have a nice time, and everything is good, it’s a holiday … you come home, and go back to reality … and then later on in life you find yourself telling someone about the holiday, and your experiences, and you show some of the pictures, and you think about all the memories … and you realise that it was such an incredible trip, with such lovely memories and experiences that you are not who you were when you left on that holiday. So much has changed because of what happened on that holiday.

She then went on to tell me that over this year all the work we had done, and all the things I had said to her … she has begun to put into action, and mostly without even realising that it was from our work (or holiday). She literally started to list off all those wonderful goals and dreams she had had for herself when we started, and how she had achieved them, pretty much each and every one of them.

I was so happy for her, and as I have said before I just love to see and hear about the incredible transformations that my Clients make … but that is not what this blog is about … it is about the fact that I woke up this morning and it hit me … like it was written on the wall in my bedroom in neon spray paint … things take time.


I have to do the work,

I have to put the effort in,

I have to know where I am going,

I have to keep reviewing my plan and fiddling where needed,

and then I have to trust that the time will come that it all falls into place.


I know what I want, and I know I have done all the work, ticked all the boxes, crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. I know I am ready. I have done serious mindset shifts on myself based on my insecurities, and I have settled a fair amount of fears that I have that go with those insecurities.

Now I have to trust that it will all come together when the time is right.

I have to believe that if it is not happening at the pace that I want it to, it is because something else is aligning with me and my plan, or something is happening that I do not quite understand at this point. The thought of ‘hindsight is perfect sight’ comes to mind.

But it is all coming together, the momentum has begun and will start to gain speed ~ and it will all come together at exactly the right time for me.

And what is required from me for this to all happen – trust, yes, but the biggest thing I have to do or have is … self-belief.

I have to believe in me and my plan.

Note to self for today, and every day, a few times a day:

I believe in me

I am worth it

It IS all coming together for me at the right time

If this touched your soul today, please feel free to share it via a link below, and why not give me a note in the comments below of what hit home for you after reading this.


Lots of love and gratitude

and TIME


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