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I should have been more grateful …

I should have been more grateful …

Over the last week I have come to realise how gratitude is something that is so often not appreciated at the time. What we have, and even had, is often not appreciated until it is gone. And we should, always, say thank you, be grateful, and tell the person or people how you feel. I came to a very big realisation of this fact over the last week, and I thought I would share it with you.

Life is a series of a thousand tiny little miracle ~

* Notice them

* Appreciate them

* Acknowledge them

* Feel them


I found myself in a situation this last week, actually two situations were playing out … and both (for some reason I don’t know) made me think back to how things used to be when … xyz.

Both instances reminded me about when I was in the same position as I am now, but the people around me were different. The people around me have all moved on, or changed, or I moved on … and the reasons are irrelevant to this story, but I allow me to continue …

I found myself thinking about how at the time, when life was different, I had had small moans and groans … you know how it is. I wish that, or why didn’t he/she do this rather than that, if only they could maybe also do this.

There were small things.

And on the whole I was content, even happy sometimes, sometimes very happy.


I was younger then 🙂 and maybe that is why I didn’t realise the significance of all that was happening around me …

  • The people I worked for, how they pretty much always had my back.
  • The decisions made for me, how they always kept me at the centre of the decision, and then thought about everything around it.
  • The people I worked with, never tried to trip me up.
  • The people who worked for me, were my team, and I too (as I followed my leader) always put them at the centre of decisions made for them.
  • The situations I was in, were always debated fairly, and rationally … without ‘just letting it go’ because it was easier and took less effort.


I was sitting on the couch one night and it hit me … I was so grateful for a certain someone who had been in my life for probably 10 years, but had moved on over 6 years ago, maybe even 7.

I was so grateful, and yet I had never ever told them just how grateful I was.

So I decided it needed to be said, and I sent a text to them.

I sent the text with absolutely no expectations, because I went to bed soon after, and the next day I had actually forgotten I had even sent it.

I only remembered when much later that day I got a text back…

I had sent:

Hey ###, I have been thinking about you so much this past month and I wanted to tell you something:

No matter how crazy we drove each other, and how different we often were … you always did what was best for me, as a human being, and you would never ever ever let something ‘not right’ happen to me (or anyone for that matter, but I am talking for me only right now).

I wanted to tell you how grateful I was for that, and I never told you enough.

And I am still so so grateful for that, so much so you will never know.

Thanks for always being so very good to me when we worked together.


To which they had replied:

Hi Joy . What a lovely message . I am so glad that u feel that way.

I have always tried to be fair in everything I do and to everyone around me .

Despite how hard it is sometimes.

Messages like this make it worthwhile in the end .

Thank u for being so kind to let me know .

I hope that u will surround urself with people that have ur best interests at heart always .


And this is it right … we never say “thanks” to the people we are grateful for.

We should … as much as possible. We should make it a habit in ourselves because that will make us all better human beings.

I shared this because I think that if we did this more, maybe I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in.

And maybe you will find some courage or effort to tell someone today.

It doesn’t have to be the big stuff, it is actually all the small and tiny miracles out there that should be noticed.

I challenge you … just say thank you to all the people you grateful for in your life today  …  a simple little text to say

“thanks, I really appreciate you in my life”


If you feel like someone you know needs to hear this, share via one of the links below onto your social platforms … and if it has touched you, let me know in the comments below.


Lots of love and TONS OF GIGANTIC gratitude for reading my blog today,


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