You do know that you have to love you for anyone else to love you, even the universe … right? - The Joyful Company
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You do know that you have to love you for anyone else to love you, even the universe … right?

You do know that you have to love you for anyone else to love you, even the universe … right?

I love myself.

The quietest, simplest, most powerful, revolution ever.

I read this quote somewhere and it is absolute ran right through me, like a wicked wind. And since I read it I cannot stop thinking about it, through and through, over and over.

When you read that quote … how does that make you feel?


Sometimes we have to put ourselves first

Sometimes you have to start with loving you

This revolution was literally that for me, a revolution. And it didn’t happen overnight, or in an instance … it was quiet and simple, yet powerful, just like it says. I have always been someone who worries and thinks about everyone else. What they say, what they think, what they feel, are they happy, are the comfortable, are they okay, do they need anything, should I do this, should I offer that, should I do it for them, and and and. It was always about others. Never about me.

If I made everyone else happy and content, they would like me or love me. And then that would be a good thing for me. I would be liked. But you know what the reality was, I would do all this other stuff for others, and they just got what they wanted, but it didn’t change anything. Nothing.

And you know why, because people don’t (generally) think like that. Sometimes they will think ‘oh nice, Joy did XYZ for me, nice’ … but that’s it, nice. Nice!!!! What the hell is nice?

And I am not really sure when it changed or how it changed.  I think I read it in one of my many books … I read that when I wasn’t doing what I want to do, for me … I was just chasing other people’s dreams. I remember this sentiment, and getting it. And I think that is where it all changed for me.

If we do not put yourselves first no one else will.

And it is not because you selfish and by doing it doesn’t make you a selfish person. You are just following your dreams. And when you follow your dreams, you become happier and happier. It is not being selfish. It is loving you.


Once the revolution happened for me, everything started to fall into place. And you know why, because I put me front and centre, and when I did that, the universe noticed that the door had opened, and it sent absolutely everything I have been asking for and wanting, and dreaming of through. It all started to arrive and fall into place. This is not a coincidence, it is because I believed in me. It is because I made me important to me. I didn’t wait on anyone, for anything. I went for it, all me, all in!

If you don’t put you first, the universe cannot send you what you asking for.


I challenge you … do something for you and only you today,

and then again tomorrow, and the next day, and …


If this has touched you, and a quiet, simple, yet powerful revolution happened for you, let me know in the comments below.  And if you feeling really nice, then share via one of the links below onto your social platforms.


Lots of love and gratitude,

Love you, like no one else does, or can


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