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I asked & asked, but when was it going to change for me?

I asked & asked, but when was it going to change for me?

Have you ever been told by someone “ask and you shall receive” … ?

And then you find that when sit quietly, or you driving somewhere, or when you daydream, or lying in bed before you dozz off and even as you first open your eyes in morning … all you doing is asking and asking for what it is that you want.

But everything stays as it was …

Nothing changes. Nothing comes. Nothing moves.


Everything remains as it was …

I want it all to change to what I want …

BUT Nothing changes. Nothing comes. Nothing moves.


I have been doing a lot of work on myself recently, specifically around keeping my thoughts in the space and place that I am wanting to go, with myself and my business. It is hard work to always stay upbeat and live in a high frequency, because there are days that I am tired or not feeling so good. And those days tend to be the hardest (I am sure for all of us).

When I want something so bad, something that will mean a great deal to me, or something that I know will change my life and that I know will be the best thing for me … I find that all I do is think about it.

It consumes me, I think & think, and wish & wish, and dream & dream.

I do what every book worth reading on positivity and getting what you want tells you … ask the universe. Put it out there, and it will come to you.  The idea of Law of Attraction is a very big part of my life, and I do all they tell me to do.

But I realised this past week that the one thing I am not doing is:

  • believing I have it, if it is something physical
  • believing it has happened, if it is something that needs to change


We have to believe that this ‘thing’ we want to have / happen has done just that, that it appears or happened. 


The only reason we forget to do this part is because we doubt ourselves, or we think it might not be possible, or we think it will take so much hard work that it will be impossible, even though we want it.


We want it, but deep down we not sure it will actually happen because of some other reason … and that other reason is rooted in a deep down fear we have.

And that fear is what is truly holding us back. From everything we want. Literally from everything.

We really want to a promotion, but we scared that the powers that be don’t think we ready.

We really want to attract a new Client, but we scared they won’t buy in to us, or we won’t be able to deliver.

We really want to move overseas, but we scared that we will be so lonely and alone, and have to move back home, which will seem like a failure.

We really want more money, but we scared because we need it now, but how do we get it.

And the list can go on and on right?


If you do not believe in you, in your ability and in who you are ~ your fears (let’s be honest we all have a few) will start to determine your life for you.


Be honest ~ do you believe in you?


All you have to do is complete the sentence below for yourself:


I really want ____________________________________________________

But what if _____________________________________________________


Now you have your fear.

Which is a good thing, because once you have your fear you can work on that.

Work on how to get around it, work on how to get over it. Work on what to start to tell yourself every day, driving, daydreaming, dozing off to sleep, waking up or whenever, in fact always.

Tell yourself all the time why you are good enough for what you want.


And then start to act like you have it. Believe and act as if you have moved overseas, act like you have the money, believe that new clients are calling you to work with you, and act like you have the promotion.

If you feel like this has helped you, and you think this approach to working out what is holding you back, what your real fear is please share via a link below … to a friend who is battling with something or via your Facebook page …

And please, if you ok to do this … drop a comments below and tell me what fear you worked out was holding you back?


Lots of love and gratitude,

Never doubt who you are, never ever EVER,

because then nothing you want will ever come to you.



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