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I was asked how do you find the courage to do it?

I was asked how do you find the courage to do it?

Someone (Jig) asked me this past week if I would write a blog post on how to find the courage to do something … and I told this someone that I already had, they replied by saying ‘I must have missed it’. But they hadn’t, because courage comes down to your confidence, your self-confidence. If you know who you are, what makes you tick, what you believe in, what you want, why you want it, what you will accept and won’t accept, you will without a shadow of a doubting second, know what you should go for or not. Courage is easy if we know ourselves, and believe in our worth.


If you know your self-worth,

you don’t need courage to make a decision …

you just know if it is the right thing for you

without even thinking


So let me explain my thinking through a story that is happening to me right now … this weekend I have been consumed with whether to have a discussion with someone about something that has been brewing in me, and I know it is also something brewing for them … it feels like the energy is spiked with it at the moment.

It feels like both of us are dancing around the discussion, beautifully choreographed, entranced dancing ~ it has probably become such a beautiful dance because it feels easier to concentrate on the dance, then on the discussion. But you know that at some point someone has to pluck up the courage and start the conversation.


Now this is where my view on self-confidence drives courage comes in.


The reason that we are dancing right now is because the outcome of the discussion could be pretty monumental to us. I know I have not been sure what the outcome from the discussion looks like, and I am sure the other person is in the same boat.

I know that I have not stopped dancing and had this discussion yet, actually sat the other person down and started to talk … because I am not sure how it will end. And that is because I am not confident in who I am in this area of my life.


I am not sure I can handle the one way it could go, I am not sure I want to handle that outcome.

So I have continued to dance, and dance, skirting the discussion hoping that maybe the dance will just become so beautiful that it envelops the discussion into the dance so much so that it just beautifully disappears.


But it won’t … it will continue to grow.


And then while I was out shopping this morning something just clicked for me.

The topic and discussion is actually so important to me that I now know I just have to stop dancing, right away, mid-way through and start talking.

And I know this because I know what is important to me.


What is important to me is to discuss how I feel and why I feel a certain way, and to be heard. This is what is so important to me, no matter what. In fact, no matter how the discussion ends, I just know I have to do this, FOR ME.


And that is self-confidence … because it is so important to me, it is no longer about the end, or about controlling the end anymore … it is about having my say, and being heard.

If that means that it ends badly, I will have to deal with that, but I know I have to do this for me.

Because I believe that I deserve to speak and be heard.


If something is important to you, you won’t need courage to do what you need to do next

So if you are battling with deciding whether to move overseas and work, or telling your client that she is now starting to take advantage of you, or telling a colleague that they disrespected you in a meeting, whatever it may be …

Think about all the aspects involved in doing this, all the good points and all the bad points.

Once you have them all down, be honest about who you are, and whether doing the “thing” will be good for you or not.

It will be like seeing the light as they say!


As long as you are honest about YOU!


If you think this approach to finding the courage to do something, or NOT to do something then please share via a link below … to a friend who is battling to find courage or via your Facebook page …

I am going to have my discussion as soon as I can, no doubt about that.

And to be honest I am suddenly excited about it.


Lots of love and gratitude,

Never doubt your confidence, because then you start to look for courage, and you don’t actually need that, when you have you



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