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How do I decide which fork in the road is my way?

How do I decide which fork in the road is my way?

I have been working so hard at my plan, with a very clear vision as to where I want to be and by when … and then all of sudden, an option has presented itself to me, quite an interesting one. So I have been toying with it, and thinking it all through. Asking questions and working out what it means for me.  I have in absolutely no way finalised this idea for me … but this idea fits in with my plan, and can probably work within my plan, if I keep me at the centre, as I always say.

And then, another option has presented itself, something quite different from my plan. To be honest it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  Just to really throw things up in the air … another option beeps into my life just yesterday, and this option is an even bigger step than the second option that presented itself.

What should I do, and how should I approach how I make the decision for me … decisions, decisions

I have come to a fork in the road …

Which way do I go now?
How do I decide?
What if I make the wrong decision?

I am on a journey towards my dream job for me.  I have created this vision that I am working towards and I can see it as clearly as I can see the screen I typing this blog post on.  I love what I see, and I love what I am doing and where I am going.  I know to the very core of me that it is right for me and my future.

And the reason that I know it is right for me is because I have done so much work on defining who I am and what I want.  But now that these options have come along I find myself doubting what I am doing, and where I am going.

I often come across a Client in my coaching that has one or two career scenarios in front of them:

  • various options that have been offered or suggested to them as their next steps, or
  • no idea which way to go on the path they are one.

And no matter which of the two options are in front of them, they are battling with the same thing … what do they do, which way do they go, what will be right for them, what decision to make, what direction is right.

More often than not it is because they have not done the work on themselves – the work that defines what it is that YOU want.  We often sit back in either of the above situations and think about what would be best for others, or the workplace, or the job, or colleagues, or the family you will go home to.

No one starts with them at the centre.


What do I want?
What is right for me?

What will make me excited to do every day?

Now I have done this work, and I still find myself pondering …

Am I doing the right thing?

Have these options come along because I meant to being something like this?

So as I sit on an airplane, mid-flight to Dubai, laptop on my lap, writing you this, my latest blog post, I am forced to go back to the questions I ask you all the time (above):

What do I want?

I want my plan, my vision, my dream. I want what I have been working on. I want the freedom that goes with that, and yes there is some serious hard work involved, and a lot of “all of it is totally on me now” and yes (again) it is far these traditionally secure than what I have now … but it is what I want. And I have never not got what I want, never! It won’t be easy, and at times I will probably doubt a little … but it does set my heart on racing with excitement just writing about it, never mind actually doing it.

What is right for me?

To trust my gut and my intuition, which is screaming out at me … Stay on track Joy, believe you are doing what is right for you Joy. Don’t doubt yourself at each and every turn Joy.

And I know that my doubt comes from the fact that the last 2 options given to me are the easy way, the secure way, the comfortable way … but they are not what excites me, and not what I want to be doing in 2 years’ time. By then I want to be on my new journey, completely and totally. And yes the 1st option that has been on the table for a little longer than the others could fit in to this, for now anyway. So that is something I can still work on and with, but in all honestly the last 2 options are not right for where I am going, and who I want to be.

What will make me excited to do every day?

My dream, and my goal. Without a shadow of a doubt. So yes Joy, stay on track, believe in you, and go for it!

Sorted, there you go … I know exactly which fork in the road to take.

And if you had to ask me, how do you approach making a decision for myself , in no matter what area of your life that you find yourself pondering right now …

I would say that you need to define who you are.

Really really who you are.

Not who others think you are, not what you want others to think you are, not what other already think you are. Who are YOU.

What do you love, what do you hate, what excites you, what bores you. Who are YOU.

I am always reminded of that movie Runaway Bride, with Julia Roberts, where she runs from 4 men at the altar, and in the movie Richard Gere breaks it down to her by asking her which breakfast meal she likes, because she had always eaten the eggs that her current fiancé liked, one liked scrambled eggs, one eggs benedict, one fried and the other poached eggs … she never decided what eggs she actually liked.

Start there … what eggs would YOU pick for breakfast?
And then go through your entire day, week, month, year and be honest about what you like, what you love, what you enjoy doing, what you want to do, and and and … once you know who YOU are, it is easy to see what decision you need to make, because it will be the one that makes sense to who you are.

Simple as that.

If you think this approach to making decisions could work for others, please share via a link below … to a friend on email who may be struggling with a decision right now, or onto your Facebook page … I am sure we could get more and more of us picking which eggs we like best.

My favorite eggs are actually poached, and Julia Roberts loved xx eggs. Which are yours, comment below and let us all know …


Lots of love and gratitude,

And too eating the eggs we love best, no matter who is eating what opposite us this morning


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