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When do you risk it all & take the jump?

When do you risk it all & take the jump?

The big question whenever anything comes up in your life, is do you or do you not do it?
How do you know when to go for it?
And to be honest, we often judge the time to make the decision based on the risk involved …
Have I got as many of my ducks in a row so I can do it with the least amount of risk?

When do you jump, and go for it?

I recently finished reading a book on Audible (my favorite app ever!!) called You are a Bad Ass at Making Money, by Jen Sincero … and she goes through her life story that starts with her being very broke, and how she overcomes her money blocks to basically (in a short version) become rich … super rich. She goes through how you will never be ready to take a leap of faith, but if you know you need to take the leap, don’t over think it … just leap, because if it feels right to the core of your human being parts, then it will be right, and then the rest falls in to place … all because you have taken the leap.
Wow … it takes guts, and serious bravery … to take the risks,
to put them in a balloon and let the balloon go.
Just let it go and then go with the flow …
Letting go of that balloon and trusting your gut must be one of the hardest things to do. I am always saying that we must do what makes us happy, and if something makes you happy you need to let go, and jump … But when it comes to actually doing it ~ wow, so much easier said than done.
You need to do this ~ you need to let go ~ you need to jump ~ you need to take a leap of faith, and then it clicked for me.
It is all about having faith in yourself. Totally and completely and whole heartedly.
Trust that you will move into a new chapter that is meant for you.
You have to believe in yourself, if you don’t you will find a million reasons why you cannot do it, and are not ready … something is not right to take the chance.

Will the time ever be absolutely & perfectly right?


What I will say is that there is a balloon ready to be filled with a risk or two, and blown up to ket go into the sky … and if you take that principle, that there is always a time, to take a leap … then you open yourself up to go for it.
Now I am not saying you must jump at every opportunity or thought each time one presents itself.
You have to know in the pit of your gut, where all your real feelings tingle, that it is for you ~ once you feel that, then you need to go out and buy a balloon, fill it with all your worries, and thoughts of risk … and then … yes, then you go for it.
If you want to read the book I was talking about – click on my link below and get reading … it really was one of the best books I have read in a while …
I wish you lots of luck in feeling what is in your gut, really feeling what is there, and deciding on the next step for you.
Drop me a comment below if you want to share a thought you having a hard time jumping at …
And share this post with your friends if they are also thinking of every reason to stay where they are.
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