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Instead of choosing merely to exist …

Instead of choosing merely to exist …

I have been talking a lot over the last few months about finding my way, and I have been doing serious work on myself, which is rewarding and hard work, but all worth it.

I thought I would share a little bit today around finding your why … 
Because without your why you are not really doing what you should be doing on this earth … you are merely existing, and filling time.
Your existence might be super hectic and busy, packed with lots of stuff to do, and things to accomplish, each and every day … but are you doing what you love?

Some people are lucky, their why appears to be so evident and obvious, and they seem to slip in to it at the perfect time in their life and it all just works out perfectly … but is that really what happened behind the scenes … ?
It may appear like that, but everyone develops over time, and grows up, and realises things they like and don’t like, what makes them happy and what gives them a reason to get out of bed in the morning … and only once you have done some real self reflecting and internalising of what makes up you, I don’t think the real work has been done, and I don’t believe you are as happy as you could be …

(I hear you all asking)
But when do you find time to do this Joy?
And where the hell do I even start and what do I do?

You start by thinking about YOU …
What is important to you …
And yes, it really is as simple as that …
That is where you start, and you start in the shower one day, or sitting in traffic while you driving to work, or sitting waiting somewhere.
What is YOUR WHY
When I started this exercise on myself, I realised a few things about me, and it was really funny, because as I realised them they seemed so obvious, and they made certain things in my life very very clear.


I have been refining them and below is where i have got to ~ I can truly say that my values as Joy are …

  1. I want to be successful in life, and therefore I believe in achieving whatever I put my mind to, I drive myself through various forms of motivation to get what I want, and to where I want
  2. I am honest and reliable, approachable and warm … if I say I will do something (no matter how small) I do it, for anyone
  3. I listen to understand, I take pride in being able to understand a situation, and be able to unpack it into a logical framework to work with,  someone I am coaching said (when I asked her what she thinks of when she thinks of me) you understand~relate~translate~empower
  4. I respect hard working people, who put in the hours, like me, to get to where they need to go, this takes serious determination, and you need to think smartly to accomplish what you set out to
  5. I pride myself on my intuition and foresight, I get it because I feel it, and because of this I am both sensitive & wise in how I approach others
  6. I absolutely love how independent I am, how powerful that feels and comes across to others, and being refined in this ‘sense’ is my hobby
  7. And last, but most certainly not least, I am Organized Joy


And then I decided to take it a little further … and I wrote out My Story for myself, and I thought I would share it with you in the hope that this will inspire you to really work on your why

I believe that the women around the world have so much to offer, especially in very strong and serious leadership roles in their business.  And yet more often than not we doubt ourselves and our abilities so much so that we self-sabotage that beautiful vision of what we truly want to be and know we should be.
That self-doubt comes in many forms: fears, challenges, past experiences, and just general inner voice conflicts.  The key is to acknowledge them, and face them, head on. The work starts when we understand each one, acknowledge its source and from there reposition it to build on your strengths ultimately transforming you into the leader you already know you are.
I want to help women in the world to make their dreams a reality. And I do this because I believe in it, from the very core of my being.

I am a powerful woman who empowers leading women to be the best version of their business-selves that they can be, because we know we deserve it.


Instead of choosing to merely exist,
I urge you to experience life
I urge you to LIVE

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