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Bad shopping habits to ditch …

Bad shopping habits to ditch …

Let’s be honest, we all love to shop right … well at least 90% of us do. There are those few people you will meet along the way that tell you they absolutely hate it!
I am not one of those people.

I love to shop, for anything … even groceries. I have even, on many occasion, thought about become a “shopper” for people as my full time job, because I am happy to go and do it for anyone, seriously!

But sometimes, there are mistakes we make, and I have made many, so I thought I would give you a few of my tips and tricks of the bad shopping habits I have come to know, and suggest you ditch as soon as you can.

Limit your fashion trend purchases
When a fashion trend comes along, you don’t have to go and buy it in every piece of clothing.
At the moment, lavender is coming on trend around the world, but you don’t need to go out and buy pants, a skirt, a blouse, a top, a jersey, a jacket, shoes, a bag – all of them, in lavender.
Select carefully, and with thought, which piece (or two max) that you want for your wardrobe. And select them based on stand out value. So often these trends don’t stick around, and it is such a pity (and waste of money) to have all these items left in your wardrobe after one season that you would rather die than wear again.
If you have chosen to buy a bag, there is a chance you can wear that again after the season’s trend departs the planet, but if it is a blouse, you probably won’t.

You gut instinct is always right
If you trying something on in the change rooms, and your gut is screaming out to you … NOOOOOOOOO!
Don’t buy it.
Whether that no is because of the price tag, or that you know you will never wear it, even if it is what everyone is wearing at moment, or if it just doesn’t feel right.
Don’t buy it! This is such an obvious rule, but I know I have gone against my gut so many times, and always regretted it.

Take the time to try on shoes in the store before buying them
If you going to go shoe shopping, make sure you have time.
You need to try on shoes, and walk around for a few minutes in them in the store. This way you will see if there are “problem areas”. You will also begin to get a feel for them, and to see if they will begin to mould to your feet, or if you need one of those fancy gel stickers that you fit into a shoe sole or around the ankle to give you that extra cushioning the you need if the fit is not 100% right.
Take the time to buy shoes, always!
They are the one items that has to hold you up all day, so make sure they work for you, the way you need them to.

Investment pieces need even more time than shoe purchases
When you want to buy a piece that you know you will be keeping forever, and wearing forever, it is so important to take your time selecting what you will buy.
You must consider all the factors, height, weight, size, when you will use it and and and, for example…
When I was buying my first special clutch handbag, I had to think about all the possible times I would wear the bag …
** If I was out on the town it needed a strap, to put over my shoulder, not a cross body strap, because you out being fancy and that is more day wear, and not a clutch you can only hold, because when you out you are also holding a drink, and maybe a plate of food, and you don’t have three hands.
** Where do you put it if you seated at a table, a long strap means you cannot hang it on your chair because it will hit the ground, so do you place it behind your back in the curve, will it fit there.
When I bought my first special tote bag for day and for work…
** I wanted it to be a colour that I could wear with all the colours in a wardrobe, from black, to brown, to cream, to blue.
**It had to be very strong, because you always end up with so much stuff in your bag in the day.
** It had to be a size that could handle a lot, but didn’t look like I was dragging around my whole office.
So investment pieces need to be very considered. And time must be taken to really spend the money correctly, because these pieces are not cheap.

Return Policies are important
It is very important to understand the return policy, especially if you are not sure of the item you are buying.
Ask the people at the store. Read the online part that refers to this.  Every store will have one, and you need to know it, for just in case.
Most important is to know what items stores do not return, like underwear and very often jewellery.
I was given such lovely underwear for my bachelorette, and I needed to change a few of the sizes … two of the 5 places I went to flat out refused to change sizes, even though I told them my story and all the tags were still on. Was really sad for me, because I have never worn those pieces.
Remember this for when you buying gifts too … don’t buy a gift that cannot be changed … for the obvious reason that you are not the person you are buying for, and there is nothing worse then given a person a gift they will never be able to do anything with.

There we go – my bad shopping habits to ditch list for you. I am doing an episode on shopping tips and tricks soon, so watch out for that.

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