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Am I too organized to be called normal … ?

Am I too organized to be called normal … ?

The other day we were at lunch at a friends house, a whole bunch of my girl friends, and one of the girls was talking about all our friends and she said to one of them “you are the most normal and stable out of all of us”.
I looked up at her and said “hey, I am just as stable and normal as X”.
To which she replied, “no Joy, no no, you are a little too organized to be called normal”.
I just laughed, because it was kind of funny.
Her and I had shared a room on a girls weekend away a while back and she had asked me how I manage to get through everything in my life, I had given her a run day of my typical day … and when I got to ‘arriving at work’, which is 7.30am for me … she stopped me and she said “Jeez Joy, you have done all that by 7.30am?”. Again I laughed!

But it got me thinking … am I too organized to be normal?

Last Sunday I had walked into the lounge to Andy and started a sentence off by saying “So … what I think I should do is … “
And he cut me off and said “because you cannot do nothing!”
We laughed …

Am I too organized to be normal?

I love being organized. I love having my life sorted out and on track. I love knowing how I will do something, when I will do, and what I want out of it.

One of the things I am working on at the moment I have called “embracing the grey” … and it is all about me living, and being happy to live in the grey. I am always so black and white, and always thought that is how it needs to be. But since a session I had with a coach, I have been so aware of the grey, and how wonderful, important, and enjoyable it is to be grey!
It has slowed me down from trying to solve everything in the moment!
It has focused me to think things through and not jump or rush to a decision or conclusion on something.
It has allowed me to let the universe play out without me trying to control it.

I am still super organized, but I feel like I am happy to just go with the flow a little bit more … let things happen, and as I said above … let the universe play out their cards for me …

And to be honest, I kinda like that some people may look at me and think I am slightly “not normal” to be so organized, as I think that is living the grey!

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