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Staying focused on something you really want … no matter what it is … :)

Staying focused on something you really want … no matter what it is … :)

Andy started to play tennis again in December, he always used to play with his dad, but hasn’t in I don’t know how long, much longer than I have even known him for. Anyway, along the way he would ask me if I wanted to try. Yikes, I was so nervous to say yes because I was and still am so worried that this new “thing” could be pretty detrimental to our relationship. He has been playing for a long time, in his youth, but he is a tennis player, and he knows how to play. I do not know how to play and definitely would not call myself a tennis player .. not a chance.
I really want to play, and I really want to call myself a tennis player, but most importantly I think it will be really cool for me and Andy to have a “thing we do together” and let’s be honest … we not getting any younger, and you can play tennis until you old, which will be nice … we can be old people playing doubles tennis with other old people 😃
So I played on Saturday, which was great, and fun, and awesome, and I loved it!
And then I played on Sunday, which was hard, and I had a blister, and it was sore, things didn’t really go “my way” and I really battled.
I found myself thinking about whether this “thing” was “my thing” or not … how do I stay focused on what I want, when the going gets tough …

The going gets tough in lots of ‘aspects of life’ right?
It is easy to get down, and to loose focus. To give up.
* Could be a new side hustle ~ I know how hard it is to start, to know what I want to have happen, to see it even. But when it doesn’t happen exactly how I want, and the growth takes longer than I expect … I want to scream, and there is always the opportunity to throw the towel in and just leave it?
* Could be a plan you have for your home – you want to do XYZ in a room, and once you find out how much it will all cost, you just want to cry when you realise it will take longer to save up for it. Do you ever end up doing it, or do you just move on to something else?
* Could be the next step in your career – you set your mind on a certain role, and then all of a sudden your boss thinks you would be better suited in another role, but you have never told them what you want, or where you want to be … so now what – do you just follow what they say, or do you stay focused on what you want?
* Could be that new hobby – that will take time, and effort, lots of effort and will require some serious dedication. Do you go all in and give it the time it will require, and probably some money, and to sacrifice maybe something else or do you just put it off?

Staying focused on what we want can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do.

The other day a great lady in my career told me “you always have a choice about you show up, always always always”. And she is right.

It all comes down to a choice, and a choice requires that you decide how important it is to you.

If something is important enough to you, you will make the time for it, show up for it, do what is required, put in the extra time, make new time, sacrifice something for this, work late, spend some money, and and and whatever it is that you need to do.
I am known to say, anyone who says “I didn’t have time to reply to your message” is not saying they didn’t have the time, because if they REALLY wanted to, they would find 5 seconds to reply, because that is all it takes to reply doesn’t it?

So back to how do you stay focused on what you want … I think the answer is pretty easy …
if you want to, you will!

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