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Happy to be committed to something that means so much to me

Happy to be committed to something that means so much to me

I have been thinking a lot (recently) about commitment, and being committed to something, and what that means.

That could be: to someone; to a job; to a goal; to a hobby; to pretty much to anything really.

But my thoughts of late have been around being married, and my commitment to my marriage and Andy.
And I have been thinking a lot about what it feels like and what it means to me to be married.

I think all my thoughts came up because I took the one tier of our wedding cake out of the freezer over the holidays. You know you get told you have to keep one tier of wedding cake and have it on your first anniversary. Well … our cake was never cut at our wedding … yip … we (I) totally forgot about it. And on the way home Andy asked me “did you decide not to have a wedding cake?” and I looked at him in shock, and said “OMG, we forgot to cut the cake!”. Needless to say we had 2 tiers of cake, but we had some cake the weekend after our wedding with friends, and I froze the other tier (like I was told). I also forgot about this tier at our 1 year anniversary … I forgot about the cake, to be honest, until we were moving house, and I had to empty the freezer …
But over these holidays I took it out as I needed the space and we defrosted it.
We both ate a small fork-full of the cake when it was defrosted, but that was it (poor cake).


Anyway I think that was one of the reasons I have been thinking so much about being married.
Also, because it is something that means so very much to me, and I was reminded of this over the holidays too.

I love love love being married.
I love looking at my left hand, seeing my rings and knowing I belong to Andy, and that my rings represent that for us, and for me.
I love saying that I am married, or referring to ‘my husband’ when I talk about my life.
I love that I have a person who is mine, and who is committed to me.
I love our little family of 2 humans and 3 munchkins, they mean the world to me.

And nowadays, more so than ever before (I think), marriage is quiet a rare, and a unique thing, and because of that, I am truly grateful for my marriage, and my husband.

Being committed to something that means so very much to me is important.
But no matter what you choose to be committed to, and it can be to more than one thing, make sure you are solely and truly committed to it.

If it is your job, give it your everything … put in the hours and the elbow grease to make it what YOU want it to be … not for anyone else, but for you – if that is for a promotion or an increase, or recognition, do it for what you need from it.

If it is to your friend, or friends … make the time for them, a text to check in, a lunch date, a message of thought … whatever it is doesn’t really matter, as long as your friends know you have committed to them, and that you don’t treat them as a “nice-to-have”.

If it is to your side hustle … you have to sacrifice something to make the time for this, but if you want it badly enough, you will. It is funny how much extra time we can find in a moment when we need that minute for something that means the world to us.

Happy loving your commitments and putting them first …

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