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7 Hacks for you & your housekeeper angel

7 Hacks for you & your housekeeper angel

Our housekeepers, my Lizzy … she is my angel, without a doubt. I was lucky to get a really good one. But let’s be honest, we would be so unhappy if we didn’t have them in our lives. And when I hear about people in other countries who are not lucky enough to have an angel, I shudder, literally. I thought what I would share with you is a few hacks that I have that help me and Lizzy work best. At the end of the day it is a relationship, and we need to work at it to get it to be how we want it be right. So often people moan about their house keepers – they don’t do this, they do this and I hate it, I wish they did that, I have let it go on for so long now that I cannot change it … any of that sound familiar?

Well here is a list of helpful hacks for you ~ all my tips and tricks that help me and Lizzy work best.

    There must be a contract – this shows commitment, from you to her & that it is serious.
    You must sit down with her & go through it. Don’t assume she will understand it first time.  Be very clear on the points that are absolute not negotiable.  Once you have gone through everything with her, let her go away & think about it all, come back with maybe more questions & then once you are all on the same page, you both sign it, & you each get to keep a copy.
    It also allows you a place to start if you ever unhappy with something, or you have something to address. You can refer back to it at any point.
    Have a system that you use, like a small note book.
    Write her notes, and I leave it somewhere she knows to look each day.
    Be clear as to when you need that task done by.
    Do a walk through you house and show and discuss where everything is, and should be. What you like where & why
    And then if & when you get something new, or you change or add anything, do it again.
    Make sure you get her tea and/or lunch that she actually likes. It doesn’t have to be sushi, but it should be something she eats.
    Buy the products and types of cleaning equipment that helps her, and works for her, that way you will get the best out of her, because she will be working with what suits her.
    Refer to the Cleaning Lists that I have created for you, of what to clean when, and how often – so what needs to happen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in the house.
    Print out my Hand Guide to Cleaning – it is truly helpful. Get your housekeeper to read it!

Hope you and your Lizzy, angel, housekeeper find that helpful – happy homes!

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