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Happy January Planning & Diary Tips

Happy January Planning & Diary Tips

In January (or actually just before January) I love to spend time planning my diary for the coming month. This way I get organized and planned for all that is happening, and needs to be done … no matter what that is. Below is a list of all the tasks, notes, to do’s and things I think you need to consider to get organized for January 2018!

  1. Birthdays and anniversaries need to go in to your diary
  • All the birthdays and anniversaries you want to remember to celebrate with your special people need to be noted on their day
  • And while you at that, make sure you make a note of who needs gifts on that list
  • And, then make a note as to when you will go get their gift so you give yourself enough time to get the perfect gift (if you rushing, you end up buying a ‘make do’ gift because you couldn’t find that perfect gift, and/or you end up spending much more than you wanted to, because you run out of time
  • What you plan to buy them can be decided before you go shopping, and a budget you want to spend, so that perfect gift, is perfect, and from the heart!
  1. Personal meetings go in
 to your diary
  • All your personal meetings, such as doctor’s appointments, school meetings, pampering, chores, and any planning or quiet time that you want schedule in for yourself to help you achieve those goals this year.
  1. Pampering for the month,
  • How could you forget this important task, each and every month!
  • So why don’t you do what I do, and plan out for what pampering you want for the whole year
  • Make a note of all the appointments you want for the year to give to each pampering place you go to, and at your first appointment for the year, book your whole year, and you sorted
  • And you don’t miss out on any much needed pampering!
  1. Plan when you want to do February’s chores and shopping
  • Make a note of when you need to do your shopping lists for that
  • When you need to prepare for anything you want to buy or get, or a special (out of the ordinary) chore.
  1. Doctor’s appointments that you need to set up for the year
  • I also do this every January
  • I make a list of all the doctors appointments, those regular check ups I should have once a year, and the month I need to have them (once you get into this habit, every year you will know month X is for Doctor X)
  • When you get back to work and the doctor’s rooms all open you can call and book all your necessary ( and very important) appointments for the year so you are sorted, and healthy.
  1. Gym Sessions go in to my diary
  • I book all my gym sessions to, that way I know I will be disciplined and keep as healthy as possible.
  1. School activities need to go in
  • I am no expert at this, but there will lots you need to book in here, like extra mural activities, school meetings, parents evenings, buying stationary, and books, and uniforms, and all those type of things
  • Get them in to your diary and plan when you will do them, so you not running around like a headless chicken the day before school starts.
  1. And lastly, anything specific to you, and what you do …
  • For me this is all my Organized Joy and Honestly to do’s, which I won’t give you here (obviously) but add in whatever it is that you need to remember, to do, to plan, to book, etc. that is your passion, your hobby, your new goal, your love, your friends, whatever it may be … don’t forget this one as it is probably the most important, and not because you selfish or want to be, but rather because you believe that you are important too!

Happy January Planning

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