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The 10 handbags any lady should have in her wardrobe, for sure

The 10 handbags any lady should have in her wardrobe, for sure

There are so many handbags out there, and so many types and kinds and colours … and they are one of the best accessory to have, ever!!!!
I found a list of the 10 types of handbags any women should own, and I decided to use that list for you to build your collection (obviously not in one day, but over time!)
The leather day bag – mine is the Nouveau turquoise back pack
An essential handbag is a medium sized bag that can hold a fair amount for you during the day. Choose one in a neutral colour, like black or medium to dark brown, but try stay away from anything too light, as they will get dirty quickly, and then they look grubby.  It is key to pick a bag that is the correct size for you, not too big or too small, so pay attention to this when you buying, and look at it on in the mirror.
The day clutch – mine is the Guess cream clutch
A beautiful, neat, tailored daytime clutch is a fantastic option. While small clutches are cute, and perfect for evenings as you can’t get more than a lipstick in them, a daytime clutch needs to be slightly bigger. Try to select one that has multiple pockets and a bit of dimension so you can carry your essentials. This is a bag that you can have fun with, and you don’t have to spend a lot on this style, so try out different colours and fabrics
The cross body bag – mine is the Louis Vuitton cross body
This bag option is one of my best, and often the bag I turn to when shopping because it allows you freedom to move, but still have all your necessities close by and accessible, and it looks much chicer than a backpack. A good cross-body bag should have a sturdy strap that’s adjustable with a front flap that’s easy to get in to. Don’t buy one that is too big, because it will just become way to heavy and will just throw you off balance.
The evening clutch – mine are the 2 Louis Vuitton’s for you a fuchsia pink & a traditional monochrome cream print, with long and short straps
I often buy this bag when I have a special occasion to attend, and I get one to match what I am wearing. But because we will all need one at some point, why wait … these bags are the most timeless, classic, stylish, and (actually) versatile style you can own, especially if you choose a simple black satin or metallic clutch in gold or silver. This bag should be as classic and seasonless as possible, because you want it to last for years, especially one with a jewel on the clasp.
The straw basket – I don’t have this … will have to buy one! YAH!
This is a bag that they refer to as the ideal summer carry-all and can and should be a little more playful than your other handbags.
The medium sized shoulder bag – mine is the Fendi brown print 
Shoulder bags are sleek and sophisticated, and a perfect daily go-to. Choose a rich leather or textured suede, or a neat canvas fabric in the summer. This option can be selected based on your own personal style, taste and budget, so have fun picking what you love.
The chic tote – mine is the Louis Vuitton ox blood patent bag
This bag is determined by what you carry around daily, but let’s be honest every woman needs a tote so she can look polished and professional. If you anything like me and use every inch of space, make sure the size and fabric you pick suits that.
The casual day bag – mine is the Louis Vuitton monochrome bucket bag
This, again, is something that can truly reflect your own personal style. There are so many options that won’t break the bank.
The iconic bag – mine is the Louis Vuitton cream monochrome speedy
If you are looking to invest in something truly luxurious, you’ll want to make sure it can last you for years to come … and that where that specially chosen classic iconic bag, à la an Hermes Birkin bag or the highly coveted Chanel 2.55 bag, or my favourite Louis Vuitton Speedy.
These bags can stand out on their own, making a statement about you and outlasting any trend.
The colour bag – mine is the Luijo coloured clutch (which I call my 100’s and 1000’s bag!)
We know black is black, but sometimes you’ve just got to give in to the joy of colour (excuse the pun). You can either pick your favourite colour, but make sure you have outfits that match it exactly, or select a shade that’s on the opposite spectrum of the colours you wear to create a contrast. Some advice I read was … if you wear a lot of camels and taupe’s, try a yellow or red handbag.
If you wear red often, then try a bag in a light shade of blue. It sounds counter-intuitive but it works. And, of course, you can always use colour to break up solid black, navy and white.

There you have it, my 10 bags you should have in your wardrobe!

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