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Happy mentoring …

Happy mentoring …

Since I launched Organized Joy so many people have asked me how did I know I should do it.
Just today I spoke to another fabulous lady about her journey, and she has a day job, and then she has a dream for that something else on the side, and she is in the process of studying to get what she needs to do that. But her 2 questions she asked me were “how did you do it?” and “do you have a mentor or a coach for yourself.”.

My answers to her were so simple, and I thought I would share them with you:

How did I do it? 
I just did it! I just went for it.
I didn’t think about not doing it, or any what if’s at all. Which is slightly unusual for me, but this time I just did it.  I knew I had to because I know it was right for me. My gut told me and for me, if my gut says it, I go with it.

Do I have a mentor or a coach for me?
Yes I do. And I think everyone should have someone to talk to.
My person has been my person since 2006, so eleven years now.  She is someone I am most honest with, and open with. She doesn’t judge me, and she asks me questions that makes me get to where I need to, by myself, but with her. And this is the way I coach too …
I don’t think she would want to be called a mentor or a coach to be honest, but she is my person … and I think all those descriptions mean very similar things.
And in 2010 I found my other person, my best friend, my confidante, my truth … my husband. I talk to him about a lot of things and he is always honest and fair with me. Even when he thinks my pants look like curtains …

For me, my person is super important because:
** She has helped me to move forward – when you feel stuck, it is so great to talk it through, and almost instantaneously the debris in the road clears and you can move forward
** Someone once said to me that having a mentor / coach is like “self-care” and that is spot on … it is about checking in with me when I see my person, talking about just me stuff, and getting to the bottom of things I am battling with. For a moment in time it is just for me, not for someone at work, or one of the dogs, or Andy, or my mom, just me.
** And funnily enough, Andy summed it up perfectly … he always asks me (after he knows I have been there) … “did she realign you?” and my answer is always YES! I feel like I get reset, or realigned as Andy puts it … back on track, back on path, and moving forward.

So, find your person … but choose carefully and wisely, and be ready for it … because they will make you be the most honest about yourself that you have ever been.


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