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Eating well ~ how to start and then keep going ~

Eating well ~ how to start and then keep going ~

Lots of people ask me how ~

1) I lost so much weight 2 years ago, and

2) how do I stay healthy with my eating, so here are my tips and tricks for you:

But first let me remind you all, I am NOT a dietician or a nutritionist, at all … so don’t do what I do because you think I know best, I am just sharing what I do because maybe one or two of the tips might work for you.

  • The most important factor to eating well is to have your mind set on it, and to be serious about it. You will never be the healthy eater if you don’t really want to, because if you not focused, you will find the right excuse that works for you to have the 4th slice of toast by 10am each morning. It’s like people who say they want to stop smoking, but they don’t … they don’t really want to.  So if you want to, and REALLY want to, then you will.
  • The second thing to note is that once you have been doing it for a while, it will become part of our life, and when you don’t follow a healthy eating way, you will fell gross!!!!!! And this is something to look forward to.
  • Then, eating well is easy if you have the right ingredients at home, and none of the bad ones – so lots of salads and veggies, and no chips and chocolates, and things that you know are your weakness, or you succumb to easily. If you know you can hear that slab of chocolate calling you from the kitchen when you watching TV, then don’t buy it. If you serious about eating well, just don’t buy the stuff that tempts you.
  • Try getting your partner to do it with you because it is much easier to do it when everyone in the house is doing it. This isn’t always possible though. When I started on my plan, Andy wasn’t in to it at all (he is now, thankfully) but I still lost a large amount of weight because I was serious. I wanted to and I went for it. And each time I came to an excuse in the road I reminded myself of my goal.
  • And that is the next one … have a goal so you have something you are very clearly working towards … a certain weight, or a pair of pants you want to fit back in to, or an event you want to look your best for.
  • My next tip is to have a food diary or calendar, where you decide and plan all your meals for a week. I have created one for you to download and use. Populate with your meals. That way you can create a very easy shopping list to go and get the right ingredients, and none of the bad ones.
  • Every Sunday night, I make all my meals for the week, I prepare them, and pack them, and stack them in the fridge so I am sorted, and again, I have no excuses for not eating well. Each night I pack my meals for the next day, and done.
  • If you eating well there are a few basic things you need to eliminate, and don’t ask “mmm but what about” or “what if” to any of these … they are 100% to be left out your eating plan: sugar (of any kind); bad fats; and fast foods.
  • Then the hard part is that once a week you need to “check in” … that way you monitor yourself, and can track your progress. And when you start to see the results and feel the difference you will want to eat well more and more. Until one day you wake up and it is just normal.
  • Now as I have said on numerous occasions when we talk about this topic, make sure you have a cheat meal once a week. And go and buy the cheats for that meal (just for one meal, not for a week, or you will begin to hear the chocolate talking again) and enjoy it, with no guilt!
  • And lastly, if you really battling, or you need someone to give you a kick start, find a nutritionist or dietician. And ask around for recommendations and what they like, because you need to find one that works for you, and your excuses!

Now to help you even more … I have created that food diary/calendar for you and saved it for you at – go print it out and start planning to eat well!  I also have a Pinterest board already set up and full of ideas called Food Fit and another one called Detox & Refuel, so go check it out for other ideas!

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