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Happy for you to make yourself happy

Happy for you to make yourself happy

Do you ever feel completely and utterly responsible for someone else’s happiness, without realizing that you actually have little to no control over it?

I do … often. And with quite a few relationships in my life.

But something happened to me this weekend, and if you had ask me what it was, I am not sure I could tell you. But something happened. I cannot explain it. And maybe it won’t last, who knows, but I thought I would talk about it while it is how I feel.

I have briefly touched on this before (a while back) ~ I have spoken about the fact that we have to look out for ourselves, as we the only one’s who do … I have spoken about it in the context of loving yourself, and how that is not selfishness, it is just putting your needs and loves and wants front and centre. It in no way says that you love others less, or won’t do what you already do for people in your life. What it does do is make sure you also do what you do for others, for yourself.  And within that (and here is what I am getting at) is the fact that you have to do what makes you happy, and if something isn’t making you happy, you are the only one who can change that and do something about it.

Does anyone remember me saying this.

Well here is what I realized … if this is true, it is true for everyone.
It is up to them to make themselves happy.
They must do, change, create, alter … whatever … to make them happy.


So why do I make it my “thing” to make someone happy?
I completely get that we do and can all impact a person in their day, and make them feel good, bad, sad, angry, or happy … but we are only one part of someone’s happiness.

We don’t define it, decide it, or even determine what it should be … each individual does this for them self.

So, I will try my hardest to not think it’s all me. Because it isn’t! And it never will be.
And, as I have said numerous time before, if you are unhappy about something, do something about it!  I won’t, not until I am unhappy.


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