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Happy being a princess host Tuesday

Happy being a princess host Tuesday

Today I have pushed live an episode about Dinner Parties & Hosting Tips, so I decided I would share a few of Kate Middleton’s rules on the subject matter. Why you may ask, well I know that at some point in our lives (growing up) we have all wished to have a knight in shining armour come along on his white horse and sweep us away so we can marry said prince and live happily ever after in a palace where we always hosting big shiny parties, fancy glittering dinners and glamorous tea parties…. well, I know I definitely wished for that along my way, so I am going to pretend you all did too.

So here are a few of Kate Middleton’s hosting secrets, and they are from a legit royal family etiquette expert, Myka Meier.

  • Send an actual invitation — and include an end time, that way you don’t get stragglers over staying their welcome
  • Set the proper formal table – depending on your event, make sure your table looks amazing, and expresses your creative flare
  • Say hello with a kiss — and a firm handshake. Apparently Kate prefers a cheek kiss, which is always right cheek to left cheek — they say the norm is one kiss in New York, two in London. She’s also know for having a firm grip when she shakes hands, which I like, I don’t like these weak little half hold, not really sure about whether you actually shaking hands thing that some people do.
  • Have one hors d’oeuvre for every three guests – this is a good measure of quantities to make sure you do not over cater (which I am always doing!)
  • Introduce as many people as quickly as possible – that way they start talking and mingling and you can do your thing.
  • Always hold a wine glass at the stem – not around the actual glass part. I know this sounds weird, and the first time you do it, it will be weird, but you will get used to it!
  • When you put your napkin on your lap – fold your napkin in half, with the crease facing you.
  • When eating … take three bites, then stop. And repeat. If you anything like me I guzzle food, I don’t breath and often I don’t even chew! But this trick at a dinner party just makes sure you not the first finished, by a mile … and then left waiting which often ends in your dishing up more, and feeling like the guts.
  • And then please, when you eating, your knife stays in your right hand, your fork in your left. Don’t swap, and don’t put one down and use the other hand, just don’t!
  • Never announce you’re going to the ladies’ room – no one needs to know, just push your chair back gently, and quietly, then leave the table. I promise you most people will realize where you going.
  • And further to that point – always keep the powder room in tip-top shape.  If you want your bathroom to be welcoming — and up to etiquette, have lightly scented soap and paired hand cream, remove any unhygienic reading material and candles; have (but hide) a diffuser, and fold the toilet paper over, not under.
  • When you hold your tea cup handle, you hold it like you are pinching it, but when it is a coffee cup, you loop your finger through the handle.
  • Lastly, don’t ever let guests do the dishes, ever!

Then, just 2 points for if you are the guest … and you want to be a good guest to the host:

  • Never arrive early, the respectable, and expected times are:
    • for cocktails, 10-15 minutes after the party begins;
    • for a sit-down dinner, 5-10 minutes after the start is ideal.
  • And then lastly, hold your handbag in your hand, even use both hands if you like. This allows you to create some space between you and people you don’t know, and it gives you the space to decide how you will handle a hello, an introduction, or a ‘I feel like we’ve known each other forever’ welcome from someone you have never met!

There you go … I hope those tips will help you enjoy your dinner party, hope to be invited soon!


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