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Detoxing everything computer related

Detoxing everything computer related

Today I wanted to talk to you about DETOXING … detoxing everything, everything computer related.

You might be wondering what the difference is between detoxing and spring cleaning … well here you go, this is the difference to me: Spring Cleaning is getting rid of and chucking out stuff you have collected overtime, and then also cleaning up spaces that need a good clean before we open up our homes for summer.

Detoxing is making something you have, feel better – like when you go on a personal detox for your body system – you clean up your inside to make it feel better.  It is not to necessarily get rid of something … it is to make it better.

Now let’s talk what would I want us to detox today.

  • Emails – all the emails I save into different directories, or emails I have saved just because I saved them
  • Documents – on my computer and in files
  • Contacts – on my phone or in outlook

Don’t freak out before we even start … we not going to delete the whole lot of everything in one go, we just going to clean up, and create space for new.

As you all know, I am known to say: clutter is still cutter, it just gets in the way.  By creating space for something new, be it a person, a new venture, anything really, you will be making the space to let it in to your space.

I also like to detox my mind every now and again … and my wardrobe, that way I create space for more shoes, handbags, clothes, and new ideas!  But we will get in to that another time.

For now, let’s get started …

Your emails:

Often, we save and save and save emails, often every response or reply on a thread, so you end up with 17 emails, all one thread or conversation – when you actually need to keep the last one, with all 17 emails in the one email, as a thread.

Now just be careful that you don’t delete an email that had an attachment – first check if you need the attachment, because often we don’t … but if you do, save it on your file directory so you have it, but keep the last email with all the replies and comments and details.

Then, there are the emails we keep because we need to for a specific reason, such as a flight ticket booking confirmation. We save it when we book, and then we kept it for the flight which was in the future, and then we never go back and delete it once we have flown, and landed, and returned again … and flown somewhere else ….


So … go through your emails and get rid of all the ones you don’t need. And remember to empty deleted items once you are done, and you will see how much space you end up with in your inbox J

Your documents:

Again we tend to save and save and save documents over and over again – so we have our latest insurance policy file, then we ask for changes, to add a cellphone, and we save that version, then we make a change to delete a camera, and we save that version … we don’t need all these versions, we need our latest document. But make sure that each time you save a new one, that the changes you requested are done, and then you can delete the old one.

We also don’t need to keep years and years of bank statements for goodness sake. Or electricity bills.

Just keep one year back.

So … go through all documents and delete what you no longer need.

Your contacts:

This is as simple as sitting down one Saturday afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and scrolling through your contact list on your phone.

The best way to do this is as you scroll, who do you come across that sparks any one of the following responses:

  • Who is that?
  • Wow I haven’t spoken to that person in years
  • I never want to speak to that person again
  • I don’t need to ever contact that person again

If you get any of those responses, delete!

No need to keep contacts of people you don’t know, you don’t like, you don’t need or who have forgotten you. Remember that saying ‘people come in to your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime … well, if they done with what they needed to do for you, make space for the next person who is meant to come along.  This way you open up space for new people in your life, and let’s be honest, that is kind of exciting, right?

I like to do this once or twice a year, when I have some downtime … I go through each of the above and detox!

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