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Happy to not assume anything Tuesday …

Happy to not assume anything Tuesday …

Happy Tuesday lovely ladies 🙂

I am very happy it is Tuesday today and not Monday anymore, because yesterday morning I completely lost my sh** about something and it set such a bad tome for my whole bad, because after I lost my cool, I was also put in place (haha) and rightly so, but I felt rather sheepish for the rest of the day (even though it was all ok and no grudges at all), I still felt like a naughty child, caught doing something and getting a smack, which you can’t really cry about.  On top of that it completely warranted and it gave me such perspective which I really needed.

It all comes down to assuming things … in this case I was assuming on behalf of another.
I know assumption is the mother of all f……… i.e. possibly the worst thing to ever do.
So why do we still do it?

A few weeks back something had happened at work, and I vouched for someone, and I did it because I assumed she was on the same page as me … felt the same way about this certain aspect as I did. And to be honest I really thought she was on my page, so I went for it. And in true Joy style, I never do anything by half measures 🙂 so I went all out. I put my thoughts in to it and I would say I stood up for her to the point that I ‘compromised’ my position at work.
Turns out she wasn’t on my page … which I found out by chance and I have never felt so stupid as I did at that very moment.  I felt like such a fool because I had assumed, and I had put myself on the line.  But in her defense she never asked me to … so she didn’t even know … I did it all by myself.


I know part of why I did this is because I absolutely adore this person, and I love working with her.
I wanted to stand up for her because I thought she deserved that, from me.
But assuming she was on my page was silly, and controlling of me.

As they say, hindsight is perfect sight … and I sit here writing this email to you all, and I find myself wondering that if the same situation presented itself to me again, exactly the same … what would I do.
I have to say I think that I would probably do what I did again, but this time I would do it for her & her alone, and not for me and her (assuming she was me).
Does that make sense?

I have been saying this for a while, and yesterday it just finally clicked for me.
I don’t want to spend energy on people and spaces that are not meant for me, and on other people’s journeys. I have my own journey, which I am loving so much right now and I will focus on that … my journey!

Have a great day in your journey.


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