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Cosmetics, the essentials to know & to have

Cosmetics, the essentials to know & to have

In episode 21 I talk about cosmetics … we all have “our” cosmetics, and we trust them, we love them, we even believe in them … and I say, rightly so.

When the time comes to replace your secrets or replenish your stock, how often do you get to the respective shop counter, you know what you need to buy (your faithful moisturizer is running low and you cannot possibly run out and not have one morning) but you get to the counter and you think … now which one is mine one – because generally there are a few all in the same family. And the lady at the counter says to you … is it x or y, or maybe its z? And you think, oi, now I can’t remember … happens a lot right. And then what ends up happening is you either guess, and sometimes you get it right, but sometimes you get it wrong. Or you think you better check and will come back – what a big waste of time, or money … or both.

So, what I do, is I have list on my phone of all my cosmetics – my skin care range, my make-up range, and my body range … all of it, so when I get to that counter I just take out my phone, look it up and get the right one.

These items are expensive, and we don’t want to waste money on the wrong thing. And we definitely won’t be happy if we have to make the trip all the way back to buy the right one after we have gotten home to check and realised we picked the wrong one.  Another way to do it is to take pics of each item, and again, keep it on your phone and you can just look it up in your ‘cosmetics’ album you have created.

I also have a cosmetic bag in my handbag … and I keep various essentials in there that pretty much go everywhere with me … here is what I keep in my cosmetic bags (oh yes, I should mention I have 2 bags, haha – I love bags for bags!)

Bag 1 is a full set of my make-up – not brand new full ones, they have about a quarter left in them, but when I was getting to a quarter of each I bought the new one for my bathroom and started my cosmetic make up bag in my handbag – that way my make-up is in my bathroom where I get ready every morning, and then if I ever need to touch up while I am out and about, I have a full set on me.

And bag 2 has various goodies in it – and these are my little essentials that I always make sure I have:

  • Obviously, my Lucas Papaw ointment
  • Fucidin – this is cream for cold sores, if I feel one coming one, I put this cream on and it flare up at all (thanks to my fabulous dermatologist for introducing me to this)
  • Hand cream – a must, especially in winter in Johannesburg
  • A small sunscreen lotion – you never know when you may be out in the sun unexpectedly, and you don’t want your face to burn, or your hands, and arms …
  • A plaster or two – for any blisters I may get from my shoes – but to be honest, this doesn’t really happen to me, only when I seem to be wearing flats!
  • My little mirror – just in case I need to check my face out
  • Earbuds – wow these can be used for anything, but often for when I need to apply some make up and need a touch up somewhere
  • Dental floss – often a life saver
  • Bepanthen – for when you really have dry lips – sorts them out in seconds!
  • Toothpicks – in my fancy container (thanks Ren)
  • Hair stuff – elastic, clips, pins
  • Safety pins – you never know when you may need to pin something together
  • Cuticle oil – a must have, you don’t want to ever have dry looking cuticles
  • Antihistamine – just in case a mosquito bites me, and I seem to have the blood they love!

I have created you a Pinterest board with all this stuff on … if you interested to make your own little bags for your bag (yes, I love bags!)

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