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Happy intervention Thursday

Happy intervention Thursday

Intervention … what a word, it has such connotations right?
It usually happens whens someone needs an intervention because the addicted to something … and need to be put away, for an amount of time.

Well I needed an intervention the other day, and I thought I would share it with you all.

And yes, because I am addicted to something … but that something is taking everything on, trying to solve everything, and never saying no …
I am my own worst enemy.
And then when I realise too much is happening, and I cannot cope, I expect others to step in and create an intervention, and rescue me.  I hope that others will fix what I created.

And only after nothing happened, no intervention, for close on 2 months, something else happened … I realised that the intervention had to come from me.
I had to create my own intervention.
And I did.  And you know what was even better, after I did, no one even flinched, no one asked me why I wasn’t doing x, or why I didn’t do y – it was all me, doing or trying to do things I don’t need to, or shouldn’t do, or even expecting me to.

I had to stop myself, and look inwards and be ok with doing what my job is, and doing that well. Instead of trying to do all and everything. It is completely impossible … but we have to be ok with this. We have to create our own interventions.

Are you feeling like this?

Create the interventions you need to create.
And don’t put so much pressure on yourself …

Lots of love

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