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Happy back in to it Wednesday

Happy back in to it Wednesday

I know I know, it has been a while since I wrote one of these emails, and I have had a few of you asking for them … sorry, just been a little bit crazy and traveling, was in Ghana and now I am writing this email to you sitting in the SAA Business Class Lounge waiting to head out to Kenya.

I thought I would start these emails up again with a little bit of inspiration from me, which might create a little more inspiration from you.

I am not sure when I started to think about this, but it was a few weeks ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember why it popped in to my head … but here it is …
My thought was about who would I invite to have dinner with me, if I could choose anyone, from anywhere … woman who I would love to have a dinner with and chat to, and be inspired by.

So here is my list:
Meryl Streep – I think she is such a graceful, elegant, brilliant woman
Michelle Obama – she must have some incredible stories to tell
Nicole Kidman – I have always thought she is one of the most beautiful poised woman I have ever seen
Jennifer Aniston – she was my hero from when Friends started on TV
Princess Diana – I would love to just talk to her about being her
Princess Kate – I think she has a big job on her hands, and would love to hear her thoughts on life
Thuli Madonsela – I would love to hear her thoughts on where we going in South Africa, honestly
And then, without a doubt, I would have both my granny’s there, and my mom


Now there is my list of woman I want to have dinner with …
Who would you have dinner with? I would love to hear back from you with your lists …

So as I head out to Kenya, I wish all of you a truly inspiring week.

Lots of love


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