Episode 16| Chores | Organized Joy - The Joyful Company
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Episode 16| Chores | Organized Joy

Episode 16| Chores | Organized Joy

So today I want to talk about doing chores. Often people will ask me on a Friday – what are you up to this weekend? and I say, doing chores! This is generally found on a (wait for it) list! It is all the things that you need or sometimes, that you want to do – such as go get some new plants at the garden shop, get something fixed, take clothes to the dry cleaners etc. The best place to start is to make a list of the things that need to be done. I have a ‘to do list’ on my fridge, for the big house things, and as I think of something, I add it to the list. Suddenly, certain items seem to go together into one trip to the shops. All the day to day stuff, I write in my bullet journal, and I always group together the things that can be done in one place. So all the things I can do at a certain shopping centre, I do together. I also take it one step further and I write them down in the order of how I will do them, based on the shops locations. If Woolies is at the exit, I always leave that one till last and I will go to shop 1, then 2, then 3 in the order you find them on your path. I try do them all at once – quick sticks, no dawdling, and no getting distracted, so I don’t end up buying a new pair of shoes because I was faffing! So keep a list! And very importantly, make it about priorities, plan when you do it, and where to make it easy, quick, and done!

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