Episode 13 | Beauty Hacks | Organized Joy - The Joyful Company
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Episode 13 | Beauty Hacks | Organized Joy

Episode 13 | Beauty Hacks | Organized Joy

Beauty Hacks is the theme of today’s video, just a few things I do to make things quicker and easier, and in fact better, for me.

Hair bands – always breaking your hair? Well here is the trick, take a pair of knee highs, and cut off the top, and use those instead. They’re super strong, stretchy, and super gentle. they do not break your hair (and these one’s don’t leave that bend in your hair after having had a band in for a while)

Cuticle oil – such a special product, put it on at the end of your morning routine as you are about to leave the house. It keeps your hands looking fantastic, and smooth.

Peppermint foot lotion – there are many options, and often a foot cream is so creamy you slide around in your slippers after applying it and it gets manky. The Body Shop one is great, it is light, but effective. I put it on at night when I am about to sit down, and more often than not put socks on over just to make sure it really soaks in and doesn’t rub off – looks after my feet and keeps them soft and nice looking in between pedicures

Clean the insides of your shoes as you take them off when you get home each day … don’t let them get dirty inside, it is just gross and you will be so happy you cleaned them. I use a sponge with some warm water, if you doing as you take them off that is all you need so you don’t ruin the shoe either

Make up spray, like hair spray but for your make up – I use a Mac one, and mostly because I use Mac make up, I think it’s a good idea to keep brands with brands. But any of them is great, to hold your look in place. Mine lasts all day. And it’s just a quick spray, simple.
Concealer, for under your eyes. it’s the small miracle of make-up! and don’t rub it in, use a good brush and dab it over the space, and work around the space so you make sure it looks as natural as possible

Argan oil, for my hair – I use it every time I wash my hair, which I do every day. I have very fine hair which looks dirty very quickly, and with gyming every morning I have to keep it clean. This oil doesn’t make my hair so soft that it goes flat, and with fine hair that is terrible . It’s great, one squirt and I rub through my hair – done, then I blow dry it

My magic is called Lucas Papaw cream – Not available in SA, so make a friend in Aus or shop on Amazon here.
It is my go to for everything, dry lips, a cut, a sore, an itchy bite. I have a tube everywhere, in my car, in my handbag, at work, in the bathroom, in my gym bag …

Water Water Water – I drink 4 liters a day, and I can seriously feel it when I haven’t. And trust me it does not make you bloated! it actually does the opposite, it keeps the water flowing through you, because you are nourished.

Welcome to Organized Joy, a web series designed to share my tips, tricks and ideas to help you be more organized in life, from A to Z. Over the year’s I have developed many interesting concepts that have helped me to be more organized, and therefore make more time for myself to do the things I love. I want to share these tips, tricks and ideas with you to empower you to live the best life you can.

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