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Happy Intuitive Tuesday

Happy Intuitive Tuesday

Intuition … such an incredible, and powerful force.

And for those of you who know me, or have been receiving my emailer for a while, know I talk about this quiet often … sometimes when I have trusted my gut, and sometimes when I haven’t, but knew I should’ve …


We all have it … this thing called intuition … but we don’t always know how to use it.

Sometimes that is because we don’t trust ourselves, sometimes because we don’t understand it, and sometimes because we scared of it.


But wow, when you develop it as a skill in your life … you can only fly!

And I am not trying to sound weird and wacky (as someone I know called it this past weekend) or dramatic … I am just being honest.


This past weekend, I attended a workshop, actually Organized Joy hosted it with the fabulous Adie Shub … and I forgot how special we are as people.

We have 5 senses we know, and we don’t even use them to their full potential, well I know I don’t … I eat on the go, I rush around that I never really see much going on around me, I hardly ever stop and smell the roses as they say, and as for touch, I touch my computer a lot ….

My only sense I know I use a lot is my hearing, I always hear everything at work, sometimes to some people regret J…

If we just think about those 5 senses we have, and actually use them to slow down and enjoy life a little more, I bet we would be happier people.

Stop and smell the roses, or tequila, whatever you enjoy

Switch off everything and enjoy the taste of your meal with someone

Slow down to see what is happening around us

Actually listen and hear the world, not just our little voices in our head

And most importantly, connect, and touch those you love


If we can do this, we will feel even more connected to ourselves, and then that little thing called intuition, will really start to work … then it is up to you to trust it.


We all know when we feel uncomfortable, or happy in a situation. When we just know something is wrong, or we should call a friend.

That is intuition, and you always know (after) that you were right.


It was an incredible day on Saturday, and if anyone is interested in attending a course, drop me an email, we want to do another one in July.



Just trust your gut today ladies, you will be so happy you did!



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