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Happy Cliquey Tuesday!

Happy Cliquey Tuesday!

Happy Cliquey Thursday

Wow this week has been chilly, and I keep finding myself thinking that we not even in the middle of winter yet to feel like we have gone through the most of it and we are now heading to summer – I guess the winter solstice is 21 June, so we not far off … but it cannot come quick enough for me.

Over the last few days I have had been presented with a dilemma, and I have been mulling it over in my head, and I am not sure where I am actually at on it, but I thought I would share it today and see if by writing it all down (to you all) I might get to a resolution for myself … so let’s see.

It would appear that some ‘people’ think I am part of a clique …

Now I started by looking up other words for clique, to make sure I fully understood what these said people were saying of me.

So … other words for clique are: exclusive, limited, restricted, elite, privileged, unfriendly, unsociable, aloof, insular, selective, superior …

And the opposite was “open”.


When I really unpack the meaning, it has quite negative connotations to it … if you not part of my crew you not worthy.

That is me being very blunt I guess … but the essence is right, right?

I have spent most my life not being part of any cliques … at school I wasn’t part of a clique, neither at any job I have had so far. I have almost made a thing that I am not.  Sometimes harder to do then said, but I have never wanted to then be stuck in something, and then I have to go along with a group on something I may not entirely agree with.


So now I find myself being referred to as being in a clique, and actually one reference made was that I had started this clique.

And this is what I have been mulling over, a lot! For those of you who know me you will know I can do this a little too much … over analysis something to the point that it is so exhausted the actual point wants to rest!

Am I part of a clique, and did I create it?


After some mulling, and a conscious effort to NOT over analysis it … I think I am here…

I am part of a group of woman that has found familiarity and likeness in the fact that we are determined, driven, passionate individuals with strong opinions, and who want to have a serious career we are proud of. And I guess that being part of a group gives me the confidence to voice my opinions louder than usual, or louder than when I stand alone.

Actually, I am super proud to be part of this ‘clique’ because I admire all of us, and I am even happier if I created this power house.

And even further to that, if people now feel vulnerable and maybe a little worried about what we can do as a ‘clique’ then that is their “stuff” and I shouldn’t try to own it or understand it … that is for them to work out.

So … power on clique! Power on!

We all here to use our skills and drive to make our lives what we want them to be … remember my point of putting me first … this life lesson goes right in to that … I am putting myself first this year, and this is just another example to prove I am doing this.

Have a great day ladies

And own your clique!

Lots of love from

Organized Joy, organizing your life from A to Z.

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