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Happy Friday, an end to a week full of hard conversations

Happy Friday, an end to a week full of hard conversations

Happy Friday, an end to a week full of hard conversations

Friday, whoop whoop!

I need to welcome all the newbies to my emails, many of you have been on them since I started my little ‘life lessons’ but with Organized Joy launching I have added so many more people who have subscribed and like my channel and platforms, so there are a lot of newies. Thanks for joining and welcome!

My life lessons have always been me sharing something that struck me that day, or week, and what I got out of it … and each year I pick a personal goal for myself, and I use my life lessons that I go through to help me achieve what I want.

This year’s life lesson has been around putting me first – something each and every person should do. And it is not about being selfish or arrogant, it is about doing what is right for you, because without that you might as well just be a slave to your life, whether that is work or family or your house, or whatever it may be.  So, I hope you enjoy my blog ramblings and get something out of them, I know many of my friends do.

So, onto today’s email and life lesson

This week I have had to have 2 very tough conversations. One involved a few people, with me and a few colleagues on one side, and then others on the other side of the table, and the second one was just me and involved an individual I really like.
Now you know how it goes, something happens, and you say to yourself (by the way I do this all the time, talk to myself, and often out loud J and people catch me … who you talking to Joy, aahhhh, me!) anyway, you say to yourself, I need to sort this out, I am not okay with this, or it doesn’t suit me, or something needs to change. So you go and set up to chat, meet, have a coffee, and then a few days pass before the actual conversation, and then the doubt begins to set in … right?

Wow, I had to re-motivate myself a few times before I actually had the conversations, because otherwise what ends up happening is you cancel, or you move it out, and your mind somehow convinces you that you don’t actually need the chat anymore … you were being silly, you were overreacting, maybe you were harsh ….

But you know what, this week, each time I found myself doubting I reminded myself of what it felt like when I decided this conversation was required.
But I also did one other thing … I imagined the end of the conversation, but this time as a positive outcome and what I wanted the outcome to be. I didn’t think about everything that could go wrong, or the bad consequences that could come out of it.  I often do that, I think that if I do this, they won’t like what I have to say, maybe get angry and maybe we not friends anymore, or they tell others how awful I am.

Anyway, after each conversation I had this week, the outcome was exactly what I wanted it to be … I had imagined an end I believed in (instead of fearing) and I managed to ‘conduct’ the conversations into the direction I wanted them to take.

So, this all goes back to looking out for you first, and trusting your gut … if something needs to be said because it is important to you, nothing should stand in your way, nothing!  You know it needs to be done, and don’t let any little voice in your head change that for you doing what is right for YOU!

You deserve the best, for you … but if you don’t do something about it, no one else will.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend, and please feel free to share this email with whoever you think may enjoy my ramblings of lessons from my life.
Love you!

Lots of love from

Organized Joy, organizing your life from A to Z.

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